UNIQ & 2010 [ sky ] [ roof ]
prinzenrolle ... uniq color 25acryl on canvas barcode for drugsacryl, ink, various drugs on canvas opens eyes when it gets darkacryl on canvas one of the first "anyone" tagsink on door vandalized map of afrikaacryl on old map santa fnordpixel on screen vandalized map of americaacryl on old map vandalized fusebox insideacryl on fusebox UG-hack wallpaperbackground on hacked webpage old mucccacryl on wall pc sidepanelacryl on metall alice in wonderland bagacryl on tabacco paperboxacryl on paper blind dolphinrubberplastik on stonetiles butterfliesacryl on wall vandalized dooracryl across door toilettdoor "men"acryl on door toilett door "women"acryl on door vandalized women's toilettacryl on doors S-Bahnink on metro vandalized exhibitionacryl on exhibtionwall

uniq limit . uniq pause . uniq safety .

wget http://q.y.nu/edisni/uniq_limit.mp4 http://q.y.nu/edisni/uniq_pause.mp4 http://q.y.nu/edisni/uniq_safety.avi && mplayer -fs uniq*